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Emma Walsch ’17 interns at Museum of Fine Arts

By Contributing Writer on December 6, 2015
Emma Walsch '17 worked with Contemporary Art in Boston

Emma Walsch ’17 worked with Contemporary Art in Boston.

I had a wonderful experience as one of five interns within the Contemporary Art Department at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Within the Contemporary Art Department, there are multiple curators preparing collections for certain exhibits and researching potential acquisitions for both permanent and temporary galleries within the museum. During my time at the Museum, I have taken on a slew of projects. I was in charge of putting together and editing the Summer Newsletter for the Contemporary Art Department and the Visiting Committee, I helped prepare for the Museum’s annual audit, responded to information requests by scholars/members on certain objects and exhibits, compiled an archive for an artist’s exhibition once it ended at the museum, created new object files of recently-acquired works, and developed research reports as my long-term summer intern project for three different artists’ pieces that had been recently acquired.

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