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Sofia Estay ’16 Interns at Sotheby’s

By Contributing Writer on December 11, 2015
Sofia Estay '16 interned in the Latin American department of Sotheby's

Sofia Estay ’16 interned in the Latin American department of Sotheby’s.

This summer, I am interning in the Latin American Art department at Sotheby’s in New York City. Sotheby’s is a global art business and a leader in the secondary art market. Beginning as an auction house in 1744, today Sotheby’s offers private sale galleries, worldwide selling exhibitions, financing, and art education.

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Victoria Tarantino ’16 Interns at Prada

By Contributing Writer on December 9, 2015
Victoria Tarantino '16 combined her love of fashion and women's studies at Prada in NYC

Victoria Tarantino ’16 combined her love of fashion and women’s studies at Prada in NYC.

During my time at Prada, I worked underneath the Public Relations Managers and Assistants of the men and women’s collections. My main responsibilities included collecting both digital and print press clippings of any mentions of Prada or its brands (Miu Miu, Chuch’s and Carshoe). I was also responsible for taking inventories of samples, pulling samples for sendouts, delivering samples for photoshoots, trafficking magazines to employees, and updating the expected credit reports, which I had predicted in my proposal. I would constantly ask for new projects and offer my help in any way possible because I wanted to learn as much as I could about both fashion PR and Prada.

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Claire Binder ’17 Markets for Way.com

By Contributing Writer on December 5, 2015
Claire Binder '17

Claire Binder ’17 interned in Silicon Valley for a growing start up.

My internship was at an emerging internet company and start-up based in Silicon Valley, called way.com. An acronym for “What’s Around You,” Way is an online service marketplace, through which customers can purchase dining, parking, and tickets for competitive prices (“the Amazon of services”).

At Way.com, I worked as the Market Strategy Intern. My main responsibility was to strategize efforts to grow its customer base and visibility, particularly in its Dining department. My main project was to conduct market research on Way’s industry competitors, create a matrix to define their differences, and analyze the data for future marketing strategy.

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Ryan Groffie ’16 Interns at PVH Corp.

By Contributing Writer on December 3, 2015
Ryan Groffe attended numerous "Breakfast with the Boss" meetings over the Summer

Ryan Groffe attended numerous “Breakfast with the Boss” meetings over the Summer.

This past summer I was granted the opportunity to intern for the licensing department at PVH Corporation in New York City. PVH owns some of the largest apparel companies in the world including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. In addition, they produce the dress shirts for major brands such as Michael Kors and DKNY. Over the course of the summer I attended a few hour-long breakfasts with some of the biggest leaders in the industry. During these Breakfast with the Boss meetings, interns from various companies had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the Corporate Executives of companies such as Ross Stores, Macy’s, Burlington Coat Factory and G-III Apparel group. For example, I was able to pick the brain of Burlington Store’s CEO Tom Kingsbury and Macy’s CIO Peter Sachse. On the other hand, I was enjoying life in the city with other Colgate students and playing soccer with former alumni every Thursday night in a men’s league. There are so many well connected people in New York City and it is the best place to learn and grow as a young professional.