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Marcell Sandor ’18: Architecture intern, Bánáti + Hartvig Épístész Iroda

By Contributing Writer on January 5, 2018
Marcell Sandor at work

Marcell Sandor ’18 interned at Bánáti + Hartvig Épístész Iroda.

During my time at BH Architecture Firm, I had the opportunity to work as part of an architecture and engineering team on a renovation project in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. The firm takes on renovation projects, museum designs, and large-scale public spaces, among other architectural engineering projects. Operating primarily in ArchiCAD (though depending on the task, we also resorted to Rhino or AutoCAD), our intern team transferred measurements and field data to proportional architectural renderings that will be used to recreate the earlier style of the building.

Despite the initial difficulties of cultural differences and occasional miscommunication, I managed to successfully complete the tasks that my employer asked of me. I had never lived in Hungary previously. Although I am fluent in the language, understanding complex architecture terminology and concepts in the first few days was a challenge. However, I persevered, asking questions, watching Youtube tutorials during lunch, and practicing at home. Regardless of the problem, I felt capable of solving it.

Emily Derozier ’17 Interns at International Architectural Design Firm

By Contributing Writer on December 7, 2015
Emily Derozier '17 learned about architecture in Prague, Czech Republic

Emily Derozier ’17 learned about architecture in Prague, Czech Republic.

My internship was with an international architectural design firm in Prague, Czech Republic, where I was taught advanced skills in Photoshop and AutoCad that allowed me to help redesign the PRG International Airport and construct a future Olympic-sized stadium for the Czech Republic. My internship also gave me the opportunity to participate in research with highly esteemed architecture professors and allowed two of my papers to be published in international architecture magazines. My internship in Prague this past summer was my first time traveling outside of the United States. Becoming an architect has always been my dream and Prague was the best possible city in the world for me to gain the necessary experience. Prague showcases a myriad of architectural styles, such as romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, and cubism, coexisting side by side in the compact capital. The city is truly a pleasure for all–historians, tourists, and especially students of architecture. Prague is literally a textbook of styles throughout the centuries. Because I had very little experience with the Czech language, my translation guide was basically like my Bible. After forgetting my backpack (with my maps and translation guide) on the tram, I discovered, to my horror, that I was in the middle of the Czech capitol without any direction. But, as it turns out, Prague is the one city it is actually enjoyable to be lost in.