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Tanner Holley ’16 Interns at Ping Chong and Company

By Contributing Writer on December 10, 2015
Tanner Holley '16 interns at a non-profit theater company

Tanner Holley ’16 interned at a non-profit theater company.

This summer has been a learning experience in a multitude of ways, and I definitely enjoyed every minute of it. For the last three months, I have been interning at Ping Chong + Company, a small non-profit theater company that specializes in creating pieces of work that help tell the stories of those without a voice (i.e. being black in America, or growing up Muslim in a post-9/11 America). The most exciting thing I did as an intern for PCC was probably sitting in on and helping out with rehearsals for an upcoming show PCC is creating entitled “The Alaska Project.” As both an actor and an artist, it was interesting to learn about the company’s creative process and what all goes in to making a show–everything from grant applications to making a puppet out of rope and tape! All in all, I had a wonderful time interning at PCC and living on my own in New York and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it!