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Theodore Asher ’20 interns at FOX Sports

By Contributing Writer on March 1, 2019

The World Cup is the largest global athletic spectacle — every four years, billions of viewers tune in to watch the world’s elite soccer players represent their nations in fierce and emotional competition. This summer, my work primarily focused on FOX’s cross-platform coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Experiencing FOX’s production of the World Cup was one of the most thrilling endeavors of my life. During the tournament, I assisted producers in the digital media hub by clipping live broadcasts and reporting on social engagement data. My most important responsibility was to assemble a highlight package of the best Instagram and Twitter fan reaction videos from the day’s action. To perform this task, I used social analysis services, like Spredfast, to geo-fence cities all over the world and find the best reaction videos in response to important moments of a match.

Finding the most appealing content for a World Cup highlight requires a nuanced familiarity with FIFA broadcast law and firm knowledge of what reactions will be the most fascinating for soccer fanatics and novices alike. My job was to be a digital “hype man” for fans seeking to live vicariously through the buzz of cities like Zagreb, London, and Paris.

Collaborating with some of the industry’s brightest minds has given me wisdom I’ll cherish for years to come, especially as sports information becomes an increasingly digital enterprise. There is a new paradigm in the sports media landscape — one predicated on the emotions of the fans, conveyed through the limitless possibilities of social media. I hope to continue to develop this affinity for sports media and push the envelope with my next opportunity.

Sofia Rietti ’18 interns at Late Night with Seth Meyers

By Contributing Writer on January 9, 2018

Sofia Rietti '18 with Seth Meyers

Photo credit: @Lloyd Bishop Photography/NBC Universal©

This summer I was a script intern at Late Night with Seth Meyers, a nightly talk-show within NBC Universal. As a script intern my responsibilities included distributing all necessary materials to all of the appropriate departments within the show. Furthermore, the script department functions as the liaison between the creative writers and the technical positions at a cable television show. We were responsible for formatting the writers ideas, noting changes, and relaying the information to the control room and the post-production department. Every morning I was also responsible for transcribing the previous night’s script in order to have an accurate representation of all shows on file.

This internship opportunity has solidified the type of career that I intend on pursuing. Furthermore, it introduced me to the script department, which I did not previously know of, and it is a department that aligns well with my interests and skill sets. I also learned the type of work environment I desire to be a part of. All of my fellow interns and superiors were intelligent yet comical, which made the work days very enjoyable.